High School

High School: Grades 9 – 12

High school teachers at UMA understand the importance of these four years both academically and socially. Teachers collaborate across subjects to break down traditional silos, and students learn to work together and take charge of designing and discovering their own learning.




Credits for high school classes are earned by semesters. Each semester class is worth 1/2 credit. Courses listed on our Course Offerings page state whether the class is offered as a year-long class (1) or a semester class (.5).

All of our classes are designed by teachers specifically for the students they have, so the content is subject to change from year to year, but all required courses for graduation from the state of Minnesota are offered, and requirements for state standards are met.

For more information regarding high school graduation requirements, see the information bar to the right.


The MN state-sponsored Post Secondary Enrollment Options allows students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades to take courses on a college campus and earn dual credit for high school and college. The course offerings sophomore year are very limited, and we have found most students not ready for PSEO during this time, so we strongly encourage students to wait until junior or senior years. UMA directs interested students to the appropriate resources during the spring of their sophomore year to apply for fall placements. If students are accepted into a program, they are expected to work with their advisors and counselors to determine a schedule that will allow for them to be present for their continuing UMA classes.

If you have further questions, see this FAQ sheet provided by the MN Department of Higher Education, or contact our school counselor, Jane Greenberg.


While UMA does not focus on standardized test taking, our students are prepared to take the typical college entrance exams required by most colleges and universities. We offer the PSAT and pre-ACT to our 10th graders, and provide access to the ACT and SAT to our juniors and seniors.