Board Meeting Thursday 10/8/15

Breakfast for Dinner and Bowling!
An all-UMA community event sponsored by the PTO.
Friday, October 23rd from 5:00pm-8:00pm at school.

  • Designing and Building Bridges in River to River
  • Canoeing with Wilderness Inquiry
  • Students making a compost pile
  • Photography in Visual Arts
  • Science of Speed class
  • Bucket drums in Music class
  • Culinary class
  • First days of school in Fort Snelling State Park
  • Sunshine in the winter
  • Ukulele practice in music class
  • Wise Acre Farm visit


What do we believe at UMA? 

We believe that children are inherently creative.
We believe that learning should be distinct, diverse, and dynamic.
e believe in single-gender learning opportunities.
We believe children deserve a chance to dig their way to China.
We believe students and teachers should eat together.
We believe in life-long kindergarten.

These beliefs guide our academic program design.
UMA’s Experiential Learning Pathways incorporate rigorous academic standards with peer, teacher, and community interactions in all content areas.