Academic Overview

Teacher as Designers: Students as Creators

Framed by the outcomes and values of the four Experiential Learning Pathways,  classes and courses at Upper Mississippi Academy incorporate a “teacher as designer approach” to promote student achievement and academic growth as well as to create an optimal environment for interdisciplinary instruction and multi-dimensional learning experiences.

Classes and courses are rigorous, relevant, and relational and, curriculum is built around the elements of experiential learning. Students engage in projects that:

  • are interdisciplinary, self-directed and long-term;
  • are connected to the local community;
  • involve community experts;
  • provide an opportunity for experimentation, failure, reflection and improvement;
  • ask students to seek, create and/or transform knowledge;
  • allow a final product with many potential forms;
  • document the learning process; and
  • are presented to the community by the creator(s).

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