UMA Update: Week of 8/28/17

UMA Update: Week of 8/28/17

Hello Families,

The school came to life this week with the arrival of the essential ingredient – students! Sparked by the unlimited positive energy, teachers happily began the process of building community and reviewing procedures. They also introduced students to the four learning pathways. This week’s letter focuses on one of those pathways: Essential Ingredients (EI).

The EI pathway challenges students to understand the relationship of the parts to the whole.

Water provides an example of a “whole” that could elicit the following questions:

  • What are the parts of water?
  • How do the parts bond to form water?
  • How can water be separated into its parts?
  • What are the properties of water?
  • What is water used for?
  • Why is water essential for living things?

On another level, we could look at our school community and ask what are the key ingredients necessary to achieve our collective goals at UMA. To be successful, we need all of us — parents/guardians, staff, and students — to understand and support the school’s mission, policies, and values. We need to effectively communicate and collaborate to maximize each student’s growth.

I am so impressed by what I have already seen in the past few days. I encourage everyone to follow our Facebook page to see what our students are doing both in the classroom and outside it.

Thank you for all for being part of our UMA community. You are ALL ESSENTIAL!

Harry Adler
Executive Director

UMA Funk Band 

Starting Thursday, September 7, the UMA Funk Band will be meeting after school from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. If you are interested, be sure to get a permission form from Mr. Frensz or take one from the hallway outside the main office.

UMA Otter Outing to Surly Brewing

Kick off the new school year with a UMA Otter Outing! Take advantage of the waning days of summer with a Bike and Brew event to Surly Brewing.

WHO:  Parents, friends, and staff of UMA
WHAT: A bike and brew night to Surly Brewing Company. Enjoy the ride to Surly, a private tour, tastings, and a complimentary beer and Surly glass.

WHEN: Monday, September 18th
TIME:  5:00 p.m. at Svensrud’s House (south Minneapolis) OR join us at Surly Brewing for the tour at 6:00 p.m.
COST: $25 (supports UMA)

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: Riders will have a chance to win a Surly tee shirt, hat, or $20 Surly gift card!

Space is limited! Please email Shannon Svensrud to hold your spot!

UMA at the State Fair

If you are heading to the State Fair this weekend, be sure to stop by the Education Building and check out our entry into the K-12 competition. It is a “strip quilt” created by five 7th-grade students in our UMAaker class last spring. The piece depicts the green “trees” and blue “water” reflection from our school logo.

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