UMA Board Update Mar 09, 2014

UMA Board Update Mar 09, 2014

Our Path Forward 

As we move into the final quarter of our first year and reflect on the tremendous accomplishments of Upper Mississippi Academy, our school continues to be a vibrant and exciting place for learning. We are excited by the overwhelming support for our program as evidenced by the fact that next year’s openings are oversubscribed. We would like to take this opportunity to fill you in on a number of important developments that have occurred in the past few weeks.

First, the future of the project to renovate the historic buildings on the Upper Post at Fort Snelling continues to be uncertain. Although our strong preference would be to locate the school in those historic buildings, the Board has decided, as a prudent precaution, to also evaluate alternative sites for the school. We will of course take into careful consideration the learning programs and the location of our current and future families.

Second, it is with great regret we announce that Brad and Julie Blue have decided to move on and will be leaving Upper Mississippi Academy at the end of this school year. Brad and Julie believe “the Place, Program, and Partners are inextricably linked and since there is no assurance that the Upper Post is a viable option” they will not move forward with UMA beyond this school year.  They acknowledge that the school can be successful in another location, but their role in the future of UMA was linked to UMA’s location on the Upper Post. Brad and Julie are committed to serving UMA staff and families for the balance of the academic year. We will be eternally grateful for their visionary creative leadership over the past years as they guided the development and birth of the school. They have truly contributed something great to the world of education. Clearly, the leadership of a growing organization is a critical position and the Board, Faculty and Staff will work hard to find the right blend of skills, capabilities and vision to join the school for the future.

We also realize that change is difficult and we will work hard to minimize the impact of these changes on the students, families, faculty and staff of the school. Here are a few things we know will remain the same:

  • We will be in our current facilities through the 2014 – 2015 academic year as planned and have the option to remain there for the 2015 – 2016 academic year as well.
  • We will retain as many of the current faculty as feasible given the desires of our teachers and enrollment projections.
  • We are committed to the continuation and expansion of the high quality, engaging and rigorous learning programs that you have come to appreciate.

Naturally, if you have ideas, questions or concerns we would very much like to hear from you. Please contact John Hehre, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of Upper Mississippi Academy. You can reach him at

Thank you for sharing this exciting year of learning and growing with us. As always, we wish you and your students the best.

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