Hear From Families, Students, and Staff

We can tell you about our school all day, but sometimes its best to hear straight from our community members! Below are stories, insights and messages from families, students, and staff members. We also invite you to visit UMA and see our unique style of teaching and learning come to life.

If you would like to share your experience with us and the UMA community, send us a message and we’ll post it here!

“I like school.” A simple statement, but oh, so powerful! For most of her elementary education, our daughter Kyri, now a UMA 6th grader, had not really enjoyed much about her school experience except lunch and recess. So it was a wonderful, and a bit startling, that after 6 weeks at UMA, Kyri simply offered, “I like school.” The leap of faith in her brand new school has paid off! Here’s why the school works: UMA teachers are smart, enthusiastic, dedicated, and extremely hard working. Most importantly, they genuinely care about the education and well-being of each and every student. The UMA integrated curriculum fits Kyri’s learning style. Class sizes are smaller than they have been since Kindergarten! All the kids seem really great, and the parent community is invested in supporting the school and everyone involved. Thanks everyone for a great first year!

Eric & Shannon, UMA Parents

Even before our son was a student at UMA, he would rave about how much fun he had at the Winter Carnival. He felt included and welcome by all the kids playing outdoors and enjoyed his first experience recording something using a web cam. When we visited a UMA introductory session, he was instantly interested and eager. He asked questions, sat in the front of the room, and actively listened to the adult speakers (he never does this). He could hardly wait to join the UMA community!

Future UMA Parent

We moved our sixth-grade son to UMA mid-year. He was surviving OK where he was, but with no physical activity during the day, and 35 kids in a class with one teacher, that’s all he was doing – surviving. He showed little interest in what was happening around him, and was just trying to keep his head down and avoid notice. We decided to give UMA a try. Within a couple of weeks, the number of words our son was saying in a day increased dramatically. He has been talking about projects he is working on in school – something he has never done before. He asks us more questions and is more conversational in general – there is a lightness to his daily existence that was not there before he started at UMA. We cannot thank the teachers and staff enough creating an environment that is drawing our son our of his shell.

Kate, UMA Parent