Students as Designers

Student Work

At UMA, we encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Students take charge of their own learning through experiential and project-based curriculum. Check out some of our awesome student work below.

UMA Promotional Video
Created by Isaac, 9th Grade
May 2017

Hearing that UMA was interested in a new promotional video, Isaac (9th grade) worked closely with staff, administration, and outside resources to create his own video on his own time. This was not for class credit, but Isaac was up for the challenge and gained incredible experience in filmmaking.

Frost Feast, January 2017
Spring Supper
, May 2017

Seventh-grade students plan a menu, cook and serve the food, decorate the space, provide entertainment, and clean up — all in preparation for a delicious meal for their parents.

Math Videos
March 2017

Students asked themselves a math question and then proceeded to test, analyze, and document their answers.

Aiden & Anton, 8th Grade

Zoe & Isaac, 9th Grade

Aria, 12th Grade

1920’s Green Light Dinner
April 2017, 9th Grade

Culminating the study of the 1920’s and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, students plan, cook, and serve a meal to their parents; create living history museum rooms; and develop a visual art project for community viewing.

Greenhouse Building
Spring 2017, 6th Grade

Students designed and built the growing platforms for UMA’s new greenhouse using a collaborative design process, complete with plenty of trial and error.

George Orwell’s 1984
January 2017, 12th Grade

Language Arts students show how Orwell’s classic dystopian novel relates to our world today.

Quinn, 12th Grade

Kokhobalem, 12th Grade

Noah, 12th Grade