Prospective Families

What makes us different?


As a public charter school, we provide a high-quality education through innovative teaching methods that foster the innate creativity of every child and help promote achievement through practical applications and relational learning.


Follow these steps to learn more and determine if this is a good learning environment for your student.

  1. Take some time to explore our website-academic and course offerings, school newsletter.
  2. Attend an information session hosted by teachers and school administrators. These sessions cover information on curriculum, daily schedule, student work and student support.
  3. Watch our building tour video for a peek at our surrounding neighborhood and classrooms.
  4. Schedule a shadow day visit for your student (parents/guardians must have attended an information session).
  5. Do you have specific questions? You can always send an email, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.
  6. Complete the New Student Application form by open enrollment deadline March 5, 2022 for priority seating.


Our Curriculum

To support our primary goal of providing a practical, high-quality education, our middle school and high school teachers have designed a unique curriculum through Experiential Learning Pathwayswhich foster creativity and promote achievement through hands-on practical application. Our program design not only addresses academic standards, it provides students with skills that are directly applicable to everyday life and experiences they can build on throughout the rest of their lives.

Our Values

UMA provides a unique environment in which students and teachers are engaged together in learning that is rigorous, relevant, and relational.

The following values guide our program design, inform academic experiences and provide significant and meaningful opportunities for collaboration with peers, teachers, and community experts in all content areas.

Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We achieve more by working together. Our students, parents, faculty, administration, and Board nurture a collaborative environment to remove artificial barriers between subjects, grade levels, and our school and community. This collaborative spirit allows us to do more with less, develops important 21st-century skills, and produces a welcoming environment for all.

We learn best when exercising our creativity.

We recognize that all students are inherently unique and creative. Our focus on active learning and design-thinking requires our students and teachers to innovate throughout the learning process.

We celebrate the freedom to discover.

We view failure, not as an end itself, but as a way to nurture learning, innovative thinking and persistence.

We engage in our communities.

We are a presence in our dynamic community. Our students see academic content in real world context, network with neighbors and local business leaders, exhibit their creations, and shape their current and future role in a global society.

Top 10 Unique Aspects of UMA

10) MOTIVATED, INSPIRED STUDENTS engaging actively and collaboratively in class and in their communities.

09) COMMITTED, PASSIONATE PARENTS volunteering their time, sharing their talents, and singing the praises of UMA.

08) DYNAMIC, INSPIRED STAFF embracing professional development and unique “teacher as designer” concept.

07) DEDICATED HIGH SCHOOL TEAM working with students on capstone projects, internships, and post-secondary options.

06) HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT promoting academic growth, self-advocacy, and social-emotional resilience.

05) CULTURE OF INNOVATION and PROGRESSIVENESS empowering out-of-the-box thinking.

04) AUTHENTIC, EXPERIENTIAL learning opportunities promoting success in school and maximum opportunities in life.

03) TOOLS, MATERIALS, and RESOURCES enabling active, hands-on investigations.

02) EXPANDED SCHOOLYARD offering frequent interactions with neighbors and nature.