Nutrition Information

UMA Nutrition Program

New and returning UMA parents and guardians receiving educational benefits are welcome to contact the office to learn about enrolling your student into the monthly nutrition program or may download the application found at right.

Breakfast and lunch are served to students who have completed the ordering process either through the online meal order form or the paper monthly menu order form. Orders are processed on a monthly basis, and students may choose any or all of the meals during one month’s time. Students needing specialized meals (gluten free, dairy free) need to have a completed Special Diet Statement submitted to the office each year. Gluten and dairy free lunch orders without a medical diagnosis and physician’s signature are available to students for $5.75 per meal.

A cold, a la carte breakfast, including milk, is served from 8:45 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. every day.  Same day purchase of breakfast is available for $2.00.

Hot lunch and salad bar are served during the student’s assigned lunch period. The cost for hot lunch (including salad bar and milk) is $3.75 per meal. The cost for salad bar only is $2.00 and milk only is $0.50 per meal. Field trip bagged lunches will automatically be ordered for students who have ordered lunch for the day of the field trip.

Should your family experience financial hardship at any time throughout the school year, please know that UMA can help alleviate the stress by helping you process the Application for Educational Benefits.

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