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UMA Update: Week of May 29

Greetings UMA! As you know, UMA’s mission statement celebrates the idea of “lifelong learners.” As adults in the community, we model this concept through our exploration of new projects, our rejection of the fear of failure, and our passion to learn from our mistakes. Looking back at our year, we are proud of the growth of our school, but we are even more proud of the learning that has pushed us to continue to improve. As we reflect and strive to [...]

UMA Update: Week of April 10

Welcome Back! Recovering from spring break and the “surprise” Monday night snowfall caused my message-writing neurons to shut-down. So, please excuse my list of reminders in place of my usual letter: MCA tests for middle school students begin the week of April 17th. Our UMA Spring Gala is taking place on May 5th. There are many 4th quarters class events. Be sure to check the website calendarfor events in 6th, 7th, and 9th grades. Check out and follow the UMA [...]