Author - Sally Spreeman

Student Schedule – Week 1

​Dear Families, We begin tomorrow, Monday, April 6th, with distance learning. Please take a moment to review the items below with your child. As was stated in an earlier email, UMA will be examining and refining its distance learning practices in the coming days and weeks to best serve students and families. Our best to you all. ​Schedule (Week 1) Advisory 9:20 AM - 9:45 AM (required advisory check-in. Check for communication from advisor) Block 1 - 9:48 AM - 11:18 AM [...]

UMA Update April 4, 2020

​Dear UMA Families, We hope this finds you and your family well. As distance learning begins next week on Monday, April 6th, we wanted to share the following: ​Information about UMA's distance learning plan and scheduling: UMA has posted its distance learning plan and schedule (click here for key elements and FAQ about UMA distance learning and click here for the formal plan). Please note, the schedule begins a bit more structured and will likely morph as needs become clearer.  We will review and refine our plan during the [...]

UMA Update March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020 Dear UMA Families, UMA will launch distance learning starting April 6th. We will post our plan online by Friday, March 27th but want to make sure you are aware of key elements of the plan.  Please click on the link to the Google doc for more information.  

Things Come in Packages-March 22, 2020

Dear UMA Families, Things come in packages. The coronavirus pandemic has reminded me of this perspective of duality multiple times over the past several days. Just this last week, my wife excitedly came back into the house after a late dog walk and yelled “You two need to come out and see the sky!” It was 9:00 pm and I was trying to quiet my brain but something in her voice made me believe this was necessary. I met my [...]

School As Usual

UMA is not impacted by the teacher work strike with St. Paul Public Schools. Upper Mississippi Academy is its own school district and is not affiliated with or is a school of St. Paul Public School District.  Thus, UMA will be open as usual despite what should happen with St. Paul Public Schools.

Happenings This Week: March 2

A full week of classes!  Friday, 3/6 is Community Day, Saturday, 3/7 @ 9:30 am Information Session for Prospective Families.  Thank you to families that attended conferences last week, it was great seeing everyone that could make it.  Thank you to families that brought in food & beverages for the staff luncheon, everything was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed.