Learning Pathways

Curriculum designed for the 21st century.

Upper Mississippi Academy provides a unique setting for students to be engaged in learning opportunities that are rigorous, relevant, and relational. Our belief that school should foster an environment in which students  learn and apply real, 21st century skills has guided our program design. Our program provides rigor while addressing academic standards, includes opportunity for interaction with peers, teachers, and community experts in all content areas, and provides for the building and nurturing of relationships across content and grade levels as well as family and community involvement.

The learning programs at UMA, which are correlated to academic standards and supported by best practices, are embedded and supported in four Experiential Learning Pathways which serve as a framework for instructional design and delivery as well as evaluation of student achievement and growth.

We invite you to explore these Pathways and think about learning as it relates to global and environmental values, community values, and personal values, and we look forward to the opportunity to frame teaching and learning within these pathways for families, students, and communities.