Samuel Eberhart

Social Studies 7 & 8

Sam's background includes a variety of experiences from teaching to government research contracts.

Sam obtained his B.A. in history from Lewis & Clark College.  He completed an honors thesis that led to a two-year research contract at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. where he co-authored a monograph on genocide prevention as a training tool for various government agencies. Additionally, he collaborated on a project with Google to create a human rights mapping initiative called "World is Witness." Sam moved from Washington to San Francisco where he worked for City Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval as a staff assistant. He had the opportunity to be involved in Sandoval's campaign to become elected to the Superior Court of California where he is currently a judge.

Sam obtained his licensure and Masters in Teaching from Hamline University.  He spent his first four years teaching at Jennings Community School where he was able to experiment and pursue ideas around experiential education, leading trips around the city, state, and country.  He participated in projects ranging from blacksmithing to urban gardening and documentary film-making. Sam is passionate about pushing the boundaries of the classroom into the community (locally and globally) and finding creative ways to serve his fellow human. He pursued teaching because he loves the ideas, energy, and enthusiasm of young people. He is thrilled to begin his second year at UMA where he can develop his philosophy that learning is a collaborative, active, and messy process.

Sam loves doing just about anything outside, including camping, running, walking his dogs and his three-year-old, gardening, and playing soccer. If kept indoors, you will likely find him either reading, drinking coffee, or painting with his daughter.