Kevin Coughlin

Social Studies Teacher

Kevin has maintained his passion for teaching and coaching since his start in 1986 in Michigan.  He is driven to use Social Studies courses (Psychology, Sociology, Ourstory, Political Science, and Economics) to empower and enrich the lives of students with the intent of building confidence to take on the challenges that our wondrous world and life presents.  Kevin’s experience with coaching basketball, tennis, and mountain biking has been a very powerful experience.  Finding and experiencing genuine love, joy, justice, peace, and purpose is the purpose of his educational journey with students- who are invited to be present and in the moment as we explore ourselves and our interdependent world.
Kevin’s childhood through graduation started in Milwaukee, WI- home of the ever delicious Kopps frozen custard… yum.  He attended North Dakota State U and played basketball for the Bison.  There he met his now wife and best friend, Kelly.  Together they have two children: Skye and Guthrie.  They share many adventures together with the passion for the outdoors (all forms of biking, paddling, and skiing, along with hiking/backpacking, triathlons, and trips to the BWCA).  They also have two dogs: Jamba (Golden Retriever) and Jubilee (Labradoodle puppy) who they take to the Minnehaha dog park daily or go paddle-boarding with.  He also adores time in the hammock just being.
Kevin has a passion for live music and although a bit of an introvert, there have been sightings of him dancing at shows or even at the kitchen sink doing dishes.  It is his mission to turn everything into play, spread good vibes, and have fun with life.  He is juiced to be here at UMA with an incredible staff of comrades who are of good vibes.  Join in on the celebration of life and the growth in the process.