Daniel Kretchmar

High School Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy

Danr is a mechanical engineer, reenactor, blacksmith, woodworker, environmentalist, quaker, science teacher, math teacher, baker, father, magician, husband, amateur astronomer, experimental archaeologist, and a stover. (Whew!) Feel free to ask him about any of these occupations, and he will talk to you about them at GREAT length. Danr's biggest hobby is that he collects hobbies. He is currently restoring a 1925 Model TT pickup truck, raising Japanese Koi, and attempting to make a replica of the Sutton Hoo sword using period methods. He loves learning new things and is fascinated by just about everything. He thinks science is absolutely the coolest subject in the entire world and can't understand why everyone doesn't want to read and talk about it CONSTANTLY! He also does math for fun. (Really!) Danr doesn't understand the meaning of free time since there are so many things to try and so many things that he hasn't done yet.

Danr is married to an extremely patient anthropologist named Katherine, who not only puts up with all of his hobbies but actually encourages them. Together, they have two awesome children, Nikolai and Mars who, like the rest of Danr's family, have embraced the ADHD side of their personalities and run with it. As a family, they love to read, cosplay, act, play Dungeons and Dragons,  cook, watch anime, and think nothing of jumping into the car on one hour's notice and driving 16 hours to see a full eclipse. The family has been doing medieval reenactments forever and often forget their real names over their medieval ones.

Danr joined Upper Mississippi Academy in 2018. He really likes teaching at UMA since it seems like most of the people are as weird as he is and think learning is both fun and cool!